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People Talk

"Since leaving the Air Force, I found myself slipping out of shape. I was determined to regain my fighting form, and Justin not only helped me achieve that goal but also sculpted a leaner physique than I've ever had before!" – Mark

"After Justin guided me to break free from my cardio addiction and put me on the right path, I lost 23 pounds and 6 inches off my waist! His approach truly made all the difference." – Abby

"In just 3 months, I shed 30 pounds and regained the figure I had before my first child—all from the comfort of my own home. Justin's guidance made this transformation possible." – Sarah

"At My Body of Change, we believe in reaching beyond the traditional boundaries of fitness. Our mission is to empower individuals worldwide to sculpt their ideal bodies and achieve their fitness aspirations, regardless of location.

We're not just about physical transformation; we're dedicated to educating our clients on what true health means and providing personalized training programs tailored to their unique needs. With us, you'll discover that no two bodies are alike, and your journey to wellness deserves a customized approach.

As the owner, my passion for fitness and commitment to our core values drive everything we do. Our services extend far beyond standard gym offerings—we specialize in individualized fitness and nutrition programs, along with access to physical therapy and personal training sessions.

Join us at My Body of Change, where we redefine fitness and guide you towards a healthier, happier you."

Justin Sherman

At My Body Of Change, we customize fitness and nutrition programs to fit your goals. We also offer physical therapy and personal training sessions.

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