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My Story

How my services work.

Simply sign up here on my website and once payment is recived you will be greeted with a welcome email and some forms to fill out and send back to me once that is done i build you a program that is designed just for you and your goals.


My Mission

I have decided to reach beyond my gym these services are so anyone in the world can change there body the way they want and achieve there goals. To help people become educated on what's really healthy and whats not as well as finding an effective training program just for them because no two people are the same. 


Thank you for visiting our website today.


          My name is Justin Sherman, the founder of My Body of Change. After many years of working in the personal training industry for numerous major corporate businesses, I decided that a different approach was needed. Those other companies spend their time and money finding creative ways to keep their clients from reaching their goals in an attempt to earn a greater bottom line. That was a very frustrating atmosphere to be a part of for both myself and the clients I trained. At My Body of Change I have developed a streamlined approach to physical fitness that revolves around one principle: No Gimmicks, Just Results. Our training center focuses on your specific needs rather than a “one size fits all” approach to training, so commonly seen elsewhere. Our facilities have quality equipment to ensure you are maximizing your workouts and gaining the most you possibly can each time you step foot inside. The personal training staff focuses on a strict sixty minute, “one-on-one” approach, making sure that your needs/desires are met. Why sixty minutes when the others offer 30 minutes? Because there is simply not enough time in a thirty minute session to accomplish anything beyond a portion of what you need. Studies have shown that the gains you make in the second thirty minutes of a workout versus the first thirty minutes are almost double. All of our staff has a deep understanding of the human body, know the differences that make each person unique and have the ability to custom tailor a program specifically for you. My Body of Change goes one step further and helps to design an appropriate nutrition plan that meets your specific needs. This is such an essential step, because without the proper nutrition, all the exercise in the world will not help you achieve your goal. Because this is so important to you, we include the nutrition portion free with every personal training package. This 360 degree approach to training ensures that every person gets to where they want to be in the minimum amount of time possible. We have programs available for all shapes, sizes and ages. This includes allergies and medical conditions. Managing type 1 & 2 diabetes is a common request and something we have had great success with. As we said, our most important goal is seeing you reach yours. We don't expect to be a “forever” solution, we desire to teach the techniques required to have continued success. As the ancient Chinese philosopher,  Lao Tzu said, “Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, but teach him to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime.” Thank you for taking the time to consider us and we look forward to working with you. And remember, at My Body of Change, it's No Gimmicks, Just Results.


At My Body of Change, there are no gimmicks, just results!

Warmest regards,

Justin Sherman

My Body of Change's Philosophy on training and nutrition to get you the best results and to avoid the gimmicks!

My Body of Change No Gimmicks Just Results!!!

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