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Our Founder - Justin Sherman

The philosophy at My Body of Change regarding training and nutrition is centered on delivering optimal results while steering clear of gimmicks!

My Mission: I've chosen to extend my services beyond the confines of a gym so that individuals worldwide can transform their bodies according to their desires and achieve their goals. My mission is to educate people on what truly constitutes a healthy lifestyle and what doesn't. Additionally, I aim to provide tailored training programs because no two individuals are alike.

Curious about Justin's qualifications that set him apart as an exceptional trainer and an invaluable asset to you as a client?


Educational Background:

  • B.S. in Exercise Physiology

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Nutrition



  • Earned a full ride scholarship for cross country and track during college

  • Competed in Competition bodybuilding from 2003-2008

  • Secured the title of Mr. Rochester in NY in 2008


Professional Experience:

  • Designed and implemented strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, and nutrition programs for MLB and NFL teams

  • Worked with individual professional athletes to optimize their performance


Nutritional Expertise:

  • Crafted nutrition plans for past Olympians


Justin's extensive educational journey, athletic achievements, and professional experience make him a well-rounded and accomplished trainer, dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Now, a message directly from Justin:


Greetings, I'm Justin Sherman, the founder of My Body of Change. After years in the personal training industry with major corporate businesses, I recognized the need for a different approach. Unlike other companies that invest time and resources in creative strategies to impede clients' progress for higher profits, I found this approach frustrating for both myself and the clients I trained.

At My Body of Change, I've crafted a straightforward philosophy: No Gimmicks, Just Results. Our training center is dedicated to addressing your specific needs, departing from the "one size fits all" approach commonly seen elsewhere. Our facilities feature quality equipment to ensure you maximize your workouts with every visit.

Our personal training staff adopts a strict sixty-minute, one-on-one approach, ensuring your unique needs and desires are met. Why sixty minutes when others offer 30? Studies reveal that gains in the second thirty minutes of a workout are nearly double compared to the first. Our knowledgeable staff understands the intricacies of the human body, recognizing the unique differences in each person, and can customize a program specifically for you.

My Body of Change takes an extra step by assisting in designing an appropriate nutrition plan tailored to your needs. Proper nutrition is crucial; without it, no amount of exercise will help you achieve your goals. As this is vital to your success, we include the nutrition component free with every personal training package.

Our 360-degree approach ensures every individual reaches their goals in the shortest time possible. We offer programs for all shapes, sizes, and ages, including allergies and medical conditions. Managing type 1 & 2 diabetes is a common request, and we've seen great success in this area.

Our primary goal is to see you reach yours. We don't aim to be a "forever" solution; instead, we strive to impart the techniques needed for sustained success. As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, "Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day; teach him to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime."

Thank you for considering us. We look forward to working with you. And remember, at My Body of Change, it's No Gimmicks, Just Results.

Here's to a stronger you! 

Justin Sherman

How our services work

Simply call to schedule a free consultation or fill out the contact us form and we will be in touch within one business day.

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