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Online Personal training

Feeling lost or confused?

Not sure where to start?

Hate going to the gym?

not getting the results you want?

Let us help!!!!


only $15.00 per month

Contact Justin today to get started: 513-791-2400

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People Talk

Mark- " I started sliding after leaving the airforceand, i wanted to get back into fighting shape. Justin not only helped me do that but gave me a leaner body then i have ever had!

Why Personal Training with My Body of Change is the Best Method to Achieve Your Fitness Goal!

Abby- "I lost 23lbs and 6 inches off my waste after justin got me to quite my cardio addiction and got me on the right track!

An eye-opening guide on health


Over 100 healthy



Top 10 healthy shopping list

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Signed up for a gym membership.

  • Bought a fitness or work-out DVD.

  • Signed up for a diet program.

  • Joined a calorie or points counting website.

If you said yes at least one of the above, you are one of the millions of Americans every year who resolve that they will lose weight, get fit and start living a healthy lifestyle.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Don't go to the gym anymore.

  • The DVD I bought is lying around somewhere.

  • I cheat on the diet program every Friday (and Saturday, and Monday, and Thursday!)

  • I stopped keeping track of the calories I eat.

If you said yes to at least one of the above, you are one of the 96% of Americans who fail to keep their resolution to live a healthy lifestyle.

96 out of 100 Americans never make it! Why? Because trying to change old, entrenched habits by yourself is a long, difficult and lonely road and most people run out of steam.

At the gym, those weight machines are intimidating to figure out, especially when you feel that all eyes are watching you. Forget even going near those free weights! At home, you have to get the dog out of his favorite spot in front of the TV before you can start exercising and in the middle of it all, the phone rings! And those calorie counters and diet programs? How do you do that when you have to eat lunch with clients? Or eat with the rest of the family who are not dieting? Life has a habit of getting in the way of anyone's best intentions and resolutions.

That's where personal training comes in!

At My Body of Change, your Change trainer is your personal coach, motivator and experienced professional for health and fitness. You don't need to worry about eating right or exercising right because your Change trainer provides a very personalized guide to make sure that you make the right changes to your lifestyle that will keep your body healthy for a lifetime.


Sarah- " i lost 30lbs in 3 months, regaining the figure i had prior to my first child. all from the comfort of my home.

Nicole- "I was lost at the gym never knowing what to do, and i couldn't afford a personal trainer so i just did cardio all the time getting no where with my goals and just gave up, after working online with Justin for 5 months i am finally reaching my goals.


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